October 2018 Challenge Gallery: The Direction of Light


Periodically, we will post an image challenge with a specific theme. This is not a contest but rather a way to keep us engaged in photography throughout the month.

This is just a personal challenge for you to go out and find something to photograph for the theme, then share your images with the club.

1) Go out to search and shoot some photos for the theme.

2) Then post your photos in the album.

3) Make sure to comment on photos to give support and compliments.

4) Please mention your camera and lens used as well as any alterations or enhancement, so we can all learn and improve our techniques.

5) Last but not least…have some fun!!

This month’s theme is The Direction of Light

Our speaker for October, Doug Box, will be discussing light. Light is a separate element you must consider for every photograph you make. The direction and the quality affect your images. In this month’s challenge we will consider the direction light comes from: above, below, front, back, left, or right. Be careful with this. Just because the sun is above you doesn’t mean the light on the subject is coming from above. It may in fact, be reflected off of something else.

Submit a photo you made, indoors or outdoors, in which the direction of light is essential for influencing the feeling conveyed by the image.